Apply for Developer Advocate

We are looking for a Dev Advocate to join our team and play a pivotal role in shaping our product vision and expanding our collaboration with the dev/DevOps community. In this role you will act as ARMO’s product and brand ambassador and manage our fast-growing Kubescape open-source community.

You will serve as a visible thought leader and mentor to developers worldwide, you will build your own developer engagement plan to establish yourself as an authority in the field of K8s security, visibility, compliance, monitoring, reliability, etc.
You will also engage cross-functionally with R&D, Product, and Marketing, using community and customer feedback to help us define our product’s roadmap. You will contribute to Open-Source projects, attend meetups and conferences, and drive awareness of our product.
This is a rare opportunity to join us to create the future of Kubernetes security with unique and patent-protected technology.

Want to be part of creating a new standard in Kubernetes and DevOps security and building a more secure world?

Roles & Responsibilities

Drive the overall awareness of the ARMO K8s security platform within the developer community on all relevant channels, including social media
Continuously develop dazzling examples and success stories that inspire and educate
Work closely with Marketing to write and deliver online courseware, blog posts, white papers, case studies, tutorials, and videos targeted at deep learning practitioners
Help position ARMO as a K8s security leader by speaking at industry events, webinars, meetups, and more
Launch and grow ARMO’s kubescape community by helping developers solve problems, giving them a voice, and recognizing their achievements
Track and prioritize applications that are not yet using ARMO’s kubescape but would benefit from doing so
Monitor ARMO’s Kubescape communication channels (such as Slack), answer questions, and notify product/engineering/support teams when deeper assistance is needed
Work with the product, engineering, and marketing teams to improve the onboarding and overall experience of developers. May include documentation, tutorials/guides, FAQ, how-to’s, UI experiments, code/notebook samples, etc
Make it simple to contribute to ARMO’s open-source projects
Identify partnerships with other software and solutions partners to create transformative value for end customers via integrations
Identify gaps and competitive threats, and communicate them to management

Skills & Requirements

Passion for Kubernetes, software development, and the Open-Source community
People-person who truly loves sharing and helping others
Strong familiarity with popular and emerging K8s tools and K8s ecosystem
Ability to actively contribute to ARMO’s Open Source projects
2+ years of development experience (K8s, Python, NodeJS, Golang - Major advantage)
Demonstrated ability to provide feedback to the entire organization, and specifically the product team, about the DX (developer experience)
Demonstrated ability to create product and marketing content assets targeted at developers
Actively interested in expanding your own Social Media presence and brand

Bonus Points

Hand-on background as a DevOps/SRE
A public speaker with a track record of giving lectures in events, meetups, or webinars
Tech writing experience (blogs, technical videos, and presentations, documentation, etc)
Existing strong Social Media presence