Zero Trust.
Zero Complexity.

Extending K8s & Istio to create a Self-Protecting Mesh, eliminating data breaches and reducing administrative overhead.

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The benefits of a Self-Protecting Mesh:

Hyper Visibility

Get visibility past the sidecar proxy into the processes behind each service, understand service health, network access patterns, and data access
from volume to file level.

Multi-Factor Service Authentication

Move from certificate-only authentication to multi-factor authentication through cryptographic run-time service code validation. Avoid service impersonation and service vulnerability-based attacks.

Data Encryption and Protection

Transparently encrypt and protect data at rest, in-transit, and in-use. Assure only authorized services can access decrypted data with no  functionality and performance impact.

Run-Time Protection

Continuous workload protection against software injections and exploit attempts. Attacks compromising the workloads are immediately identified and policy-based action is taken.

Self-Protecting Mesh assures any deployment automatically conforms to the Zero-Trust model from service to service
to eliminate data breach risks

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