Zero Trust security
for elasticsearch

Bring the most robust security shield to Elasticsearch clusters with no code changes, no integration, no dependencies and no operational downtime.


Cyber Armor provides out-of-the-box enterprise grade protection for Elasticsearch clusters based on the zero-trust model

Runtime Intrusion Protection

Runtime workload protection against software injections, and exploit attempts. Attacks compromising the Elasticsearch cluster are immediately identified. Compromised nodes and elements will be excluded from accessing data and the rest of the cluster.

Data Encryption

Encrypt and protect Elasticsearch data at rest, in-transit, and in-use, making sure that only cryptographically authorized nodes and applications can access decrypted data. All encryptions are done transparently with no impact on the Elastic cluster functionality and performance.

Key & Secret Management

All cryptographic materials are generated and protected internally. Patent-pending Moving Target Defense technology protects the keys at rest, in transit and in-use. Keys are never in memory and thus cannot be stolen.

Rapid Deployment & No Downtime

Onboard with zero downtime to the Elasticsearch cluster using unique gradual encryption and deployment technology. Automated onboarding removes the need for complicated security and deployment configurations.

The ultimate  solution for zero-trust based secured Elasticsearch that can be deployed in any environment quickly and effectively.

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