Zero Trust.
Zero Complexity.

Empower DevOps to make any environment Zero Trust, as part of the existing CI/CD processes and tools, and with no code changes, no integrations and no complex security configurations.


Use Cases

Zero Trust Service Mesh

Create a Self-Protecting Service Mesh using run-time cryptographic identity and workload protection and performance optimized data encryption.

Transparent Data Encryption

Transparently encrypt and protect data at rest, in-transit, and in-use, in any environment, with no impact on service functionality and performance.

No-Downtime Data Lake Protection

Out of the box protection for distributed data lake platforms such as Elasticsearch, Hadoop, Cassandra and MongoDB with no downtime and no integrations

Multi and Hybrid Cloud Deployments

Infrastructure and network independent security layer that moves together with workloads as they move to the cloud or between clouds, with no reconfiguration

An ultimate  solution for zero-trust based security that can be deployed in any environment quickly and effectively.

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