Learn how ARMO can help you comply with compliance requirements like: PCI DSS and NIST 800-53.ARMO’s core capabilities address several compliance requirements such as:

  • Unique Identity – ARMO creates an identity for each workload which cannot be copied or forged.
  • Protection of data in use – ARMO ensures that your workload is not being compromised by providing Malware protection capabilities. By applying runtime protection, ARMO makes sure that the workload is not being exploited by any known or unknown vulnerabilities.
  • Protection of data in transit – ARMO makes sure that all the traffic is encrypted using the most advanced encryption protocol and mutual TLS. ARMO behaves as an advanced Firewall by providing a simple policy to define the access control policies.
  • Protection of data at rest – ARMO encrypts sensitive data with an easy-to-use policy that defines read/write access.
  • Key Management - ARMO protects the encryption keys in an unmatched way that prevents extraction of the encryption keys which can lead to decryption of the data.
  • Deep Observability for Threat Analysis – ARMO provides deep observability for any aspect of the workload. It shows the communication patterns in a graphical way. In addition, ARMO collects data on files which are used by the workload, processes and more. Creating forensics information like memory dump or network packet capture is available with the click of a button.

And all this magic can be applied to existing, 3rd party applications. ARMO is a wrapping layer between your workload and the operating system that works on any workload, running in any form factor (virtual machine, container or serverless) on any location (cloud, on premises, Windows or Linux).


Armo is driving a paradigm shift in the way companies protect their workloads, and by extension, their businesses.

Cloud workload protection is leaving the reactive “plug-the-hole” model behind, with its firewalls and access control lists. Armo provides a proactive, streamlined DevOps- and DevSecOps-led model where environments are deployed with inherent zero-trust.

ARMO helps you with Compliance

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