Learn how this leading software company was able to secure Kubernetes Secrets in use and pass secrets to containers in a truly secure way.
Kubernetes Secrets is a great way for the company to store and manage sensitive information, including passwords, OAuth tokens, and SSH keys used by applications.

But the company was facing the following main challenges:

  • Kubernetes Secrets is not secure, by design
  • Passing secrets in files – the “recommended” method – is inherently unsafe
  • Leaving the door open to malicious actors infiltrating code

ARMO ensures that the company is able to protect its workloads against any malware, and encrypt the secret file so that only the pod that requires the secrets can decrypt it. The secret encryption key is protected in a way that is virtually unbreakable – thus ensuring that secrets are really protected!

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Armo is driving a paradigm shift in the way companies protect their workloads, and by extension, their businesses.

Cloud workload protection is leaving the reactive “plug-the-hole” model behind, with its firewalls and access control lists. Armo provides a proactive, streamlined DevOps- and DevSecOps-led model where environments are deployed with inherent zero-trust.

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