Ensure Highest Levels of Data Protection & Privacy

Securing your data in the cloud comes with a number of challenges. How do you make sure your files are safe? Or that if – due to a misconfiguration – you allowed access to the blob storage, that no one will be able to extract this data?

How can you control keys, and encrypt and decrypt files without sharing keys?How can you make sure that even if your workload is compromised, no one can steal your data? And even if data is stolen, how can you ensure that it’s fully encrypted – thus useless for the attacker?

About armo

Armo is driving a paradigm shift in the way companies protect their workloads, and by extension, their businesses.

Cloud workload protection is leaving the reactive “plug-the-hole” model behind, with its firewalls and access control lists. Armo provides a proactive, streamlined DevOps- and DevSecOps-led model where environments are deployed with inherent zero-trust.

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