ARMO is the world’s only dedicated end-to-end Kubernetes-native security platform. It offers noise-free, contextual, and actionable insights into your Kubernetes environments and cloud-native workloads covering both the security posture management of Kubernetes and runtime threat detection & response.

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Security Posture and Compliance
  • Prioritize exploitable security issues by real risk & runtime exposure.
  • Fully automated support of all leading industry benchmarks and guidelines dedicated for Kubernetes compliance – CIS, SOC2, Mitre Att&ck, NSA-CISA, PCI, and more.
  • Fully automated compliance from scan through detection to remediation.
  • Integration to leading 3rd party ticketing and alerting tools (slack, teams, jira, pager duty) and IDE and CI tools (VS code, GitHub, GitLab, Jenkins, and others).
  • Over 250 Kubernetes-specific security controls are available.
  • Support for custom frameworks.
  • Fully configurable controls are available.
  • Lists of misconfigurations with no runtime exposure and real risks context.
  • Missing key security frameworks for Kubernetes.
  • A limited number of controls, thus limited coverage.
  • Not fully automated, and requires additional excessive manual work.
Kubernetes visibility
  • Deep visibility into all Kubernetes-related resources and services including pods, nods, secrets, APIs, control plane, Kernel level etc.
  • Limited visibility.
  • Usually limited to IAM and access to K8s clusters from the outside.
Runtime-based Vulnerability Management and Prioritization
  • Significantly reducing CVE noise through automatically filtering out non-relevant CVEs based on severity, exploitability, and runtime reachability (in-use) metrics.
  • Combining runtime and workload context with threat intelligence metrics (EPSS, CISA KEV) to provide a holistic multi-dimensional view – workload, CVE, image, component.
  • Image scanning happening inside the cluster and no sensitive data is sent to external 3rd party scanner.
  • Focuses on image and registry scanning for containerized applications.
  • No enrichment of runtime workload context with threat intelligence, resulting in an overload of alerts.
  • Image scanning involves sending images to external 3rd party scanners, risking exposing sensitive data.
Auto-generation of Network Policies and Seccomp Profiles
  • One-click recommendations for optimal network policies tailored to the specific needs of the running applications, based on runtime behavior captured in eBPF data streams.
  • Simplifies seccomp profile creation by auto-generating them based on application behavior and maintenance, markedly hardening clusters at the kernel level.
  • N/A
Smart Hardening based on context and runtime information
  • Workload-specific runtime-based detailed remediation instructions (incl. Network policies, seccomp profiles, RBAC etc) based on runtime application behavior (using eBPF), ensuring fixing security issues without breaking applications.
  • Generic remediation advice that might not be safe to follow and can break the application.
Runtime Agent resource consumption (runtime costs)
  • Lightweight agent, fully open source, and a CNCF-approved project.
  • ARMO agent is minimally intrusive, requiring less resources and configuration complexity to identify attacks on Kubernetes environments in real-time.
  • Highly intrusive agent, with high resource consumption.
  • Complex to manage and install.
RBAC risk analysis and excessive privilege identification
  • An interactive tool to easily visualize RBAC
  • Pre-built queries to gain insights into your RBAC
  • Simple investigation tool to identify RBAC over-privileged services and entities, identify drift, and enable least privilege.
  • N/A
Attack paths
  • Prioritized Attack paths based on runtime context, with specific instruction on how to fix it (and send it to the relevant Dev/DevOps).
  • List of potential attack paths, with no fix or remediation suggestion
  • Runtime-driven, Kubernetes-centered, cloud posture AND cloud detection & response platform
  • No Kubernetes expertise, no runtime context.
  • Separated & disconnected products (CSPM, runtime security)
On-premises Kubernetes security
  • Kubernetes security on-premises with SAAS like experience.
  • Data sovereignty – cloud, VPC, data center, bare-metal, or air-gapped environments.
  • Regulatory compliance – Keep sensitive data where it is needed to meet strict data policies and state regulations.
  • N/A

ARMO Platform highlights

Simple deployment, easy onboarding, lean operation

A simple helm installation in less than 2 minutes, enables users to start securing Kubernetes clusters immediately. ARMO Platform’s in-cluster agent requires significantly less resources and configuration complexity to identify threats and attacks on Kubernetes environments in real-time.

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One DevSecOps single-pane-of glass

ARMO Platform provides a unified dashboard for all your Kubernetes security needs and issues- misconfigurations, vulnerabilities, RBAC, network policies, seccomp profiles, and more. ARMO Platform provides a holistic risk view, based on what is actually running and configured in your specific environment and workloads.

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Kubernetes attack paths

ARMO Platform displays attack paths and surfaces the highest-priority security issues that need to be addressed to effectively block them.

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Remediation without breaking applications

ARMO Platform provides contextual remediation recommendations that are based on the best practices, application, Kubernetes, and runtime context to avoid breaking of application.

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Noise-free runtime security

ARMO Platform’s runtime security is based on a lightweight agent, using eBPF to learn actual application behavior, detecting abnormal malicious activities in real-time, auto-generation network policies and seccomp profiles.

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ARMO Platform’s in-cluster components are completely open-source and based on a CNCF project (Kubescape). No black boxes, no back doors, no IP.

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