Kubernetes Security Posture Management (KSPM)

Minimize your Kubernetes attack surface & continuously harden your clusters, containers, hosts and workloads. Reveal, prioritize, and remediate security issues without breaking applications. Mitigate the most critical Kubernetes risks including misconfigurations, sensitive data access, and RBAC.

ARMO Platform highlights

Kubernetes attack paths

Block the attack paths into your Kubernetes clusters by remediating the critical security issues.

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Automatic Kubernetes Compliance

Over 90% of the necessary compliance checks are automated, making it easy to meet compliance requirements (CIS, NSA, Mitre, SOC2, PCI, and more), without overwhelming your DevOps and security teams

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Application-centric network policies

Analyze network traffic and auto-generate precise and relevant policies using the advantage of eBPF, saving significant time and increasing reliability.

Context-based Seccomp profiles

Understand which actions your containerized applications perform on the host virtual machine and automatically generate a seccomp profile and policy

Kubernetes RBAC insights

Quickly inspect your Kubernetes Role-Based-Access-Control with a handy visualizer and built-in queries. Identify over-privileged roles and get alerts on drifts in your cluster roles privileges.

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Predictive Vulnerabilities prioritization

Significantly reduce CVE-related noise by over 95% by combining runtime context with threat intelligence, helping you to focus on the alerts that genuinely impact your organization’s security – relevant, reachable, and exploitable vulnerabilities

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{Flexible hosting options}

Hosted by ARMO

Hosted by ARMO

We’ll host your ARMO Platform instance and retain your data (SOC 2 compliant), according to the plan you are on
In your cloud

In your cloud

Install ARMO Platform as a private tenant on your cloud provider account and host your data yourself


Install ARMO Platform on your on-prem machines

{Enterprise-grade security for DevOps}

01DevSecOps dashboard single-pane-of-glass

02Multi-user and Multi-tenancy ready

03Premium support packages

04Single-sign-on capabilities for Authentication & Security

05Enterprise 3rd party integrations and plugins

06Multiple data retention options available 

Why DevOps love ARMO Platform?


Simple to implement, simple to use, 5 mins to get value, lean resource consumption

Proaction & Automation

Drive action, not a bunch of dashboards Hardening co-pilot Smart remediation


Using relevancy & priortization engines to reduce the security burden FInd issues early, before the production "drama"

CI/CD Integration

Fit into existing devops tools and processes Embedded into CI/CD gates Get the insights without leaving your stack

Open source

Open Source-based (Kubescape) and transparent Trusted by over 100K DevOps engineers Transparent roadmap influenced by the community (CNCF project)
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