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What is Kubernetes security compliance?

Compliance in Kubernetes encompasses various aspects of the platform, including security, data privacy, network security, and incident response. The aim of making your Kubernetes infratsructure compliant requirements is to minimize the risk of security breaches and protect sensitive data.

Why care about compliance for Kubernetes?

Compliance of the Kubernetes infrastructure ensures adherence to industry standards and regulations, where applicable. It also helps with ensuring the smooth operation of the Kubernetes infrastructure. Adopting cloud native technologies, particularly Kubernetes, presents new compliance challenges, due to the ephemeral nature of containers. Yet, if you’re a service organization that stores, processes, or transmits any kind of customer data, you’ll likely need to be compliant. Not to mention that a single data breach can cost millions, in addition to the reputation hit and loss of customer trust

Other security scanners just scratch the surface. With ARMO we got a lot of other stuff like vulnerabilities, best practices, and relevant findings.

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Mirco Kater Information security officer, Gitpod

The solution

In order to protect against unauthorized access, you first need to know of potential access points that can be exploited. These can come from 3rd party images and code repositories. They can sometimes be mapped to a 3rd party product in use. Additionally, Role Based Access Management (RBAC) needs to be defined correctly and continuously watched for drift. After identifying and prioritizing vulnerabilities, you can get to the task of fixing them. Thus achieving better and compliant security. ARMO Platform is an auditor approved product that easily illuminates Kubernetes security vulnerabilities tagged by priority.


Benefits of using ARMO Platform compliance audit prep

    • Recognized industry frameworks – Scan your clusters against industry standards such as NSA-CISA, CIS, and MITRE ATT&CK.
    • Create your own frameworks – Meet your unique security needs and audit requirements by building a custom framework from available controls.
    • Smart remediation advice – Allows for quick identification and prioritization of areas that require your attention.
    • Consistent monitoring and protection of clusters – You can also track changes over time and identify trends over time.

    Proactive security measures are essential in today’s ever-evolving threat landscape, and ARMO Platform allows for a proactive approach to security while fulfilling compliance needs.

  • Click here to learn how Gitpod used ARMO Platform to achieve SOC 2 compliance without sacrificing security.

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