On-premises Kubernetes security

Kubernetes security on-premises with SAAS like experience

The security solution for your on-prem Kubernetes with SaaS-like experience. ARMO’s on-prem Kubernetes security offers a seamless, SaaS-like experience without compromising on security or ease of use.

If you’re self-hosting Kubernetes on private instances, ARMO has you covered in your own cloud, VPC, data center, bare-metal, or air-gapped environments.

Enjoy all the benefits of ARMO Platform – quick deployment, easy onboarding, usage-based pricing, self service, fast time to value – within the confines of your own private instance or data center.


Benefits of Hosting ARMO Platform


Data sovereignty

You choose and control where your data is kept, how long it is kept and how it is secured.


Regulatory compliance

Keep sensitive data where it is needed to meet strict data policies and state regulations.


Location agnostic

Host your Kuberenetes security solution on your private instances, in the public or private cloud, in your data center and even as an air-gapped installation.

Deploying ARMO Platform as a private instance wherever you run your Kubernetes brings you all the valuable features available on ARMO Platform’s SaaS solution, while ensuring the regulatory compliance you need.

Download the product data sheet for more information about ARMO Platform self-hosted deployment options.


Download the product data sheet for more information about ARMO Platform self-hosted deployment options.


{Orange Business On-Premises Case Study}

/ Orange Business webinar

Air-Gapped support Ensuring Security and Continuity

While an air-gapped environment provides a higher level of security by isolating your network from the external web and potential threats, it is essential to secure your Kubernetes infrastructure within this setup.

ARMO Platform offers support for securing Kubernetes in an air-gapped environment. Thus, ensuring the integrity and safety of your operations.

/ Major challenges for securing Kubernetes in an air-gapped environment


Security functionality

Updates enable new functionality and patch newly discovered security vulnerabilities. An air-gapped solution must be able to receive updates on a regular and timely basis.

Threat data

Threat intelligence is dependent on the latest threat data. To this end an air-gapped solution must have access to the most up to date vulnerability databases, while staying offline.

ARMO Platform addresses these two unique challenges by using a local repository that is accessible only to ARMO and the organization running ARMO Platform in an air-gapped architecture.

Every time ARMO rolls out a new version or update (latest stable release), it will push it to the repository in question, ensuring that the latest security patches and CVE data are incorporated.

The team managing the air-gapped environment can implement the new images provided by ARMO according to their workflow, while ARMO continues to recommend avoiding tech-debt, especially when it comes to security.

/ Air-gapped architecture


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