Contextual End-to-End

Kubernetes-native Security Platform

Actionable, noise-free open-source Kubernetes security powered by Kubescape. Detect and automatically fix misconfigurations and vulnerabilities, automate Kubernetes compliance requirements, safeguard workloads at runtime, and explore RBAC in a whole new way.

ARMO Platform highlights

Kubernetes attack paths

Block the attack paths into your Kubernetes clusters by remediating the critical security issues.

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Automatic Kubernetes Compliance

Over 90% of the necessary compliance checks are automated, making it easy to meet compliance requirements (CIS, NSA, Mitre, SOC2, PCI, and more), without overwhelming your DevOps and security teams

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Application-centric network policies

Analyze network traffic and auto-generate precise and relevant policies using the advantage of eBPF, saving significant time and increasing reliability.

Context-based Secomp profiles

Understand which actions your containerized applications perform on the host virtual machine and automatically generate a seccomp profile and policy

Kubernetes RBAC insights

Quickly inspect your Kubernetes Role-Based-Access-Control with a handy visualizer and built-in queries. Identify over-privileged roles and get alerts on drifts in your cluster roles privileges.

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Predictive Vulnerabilities prioritization

Significantly reduce CVE-related noise by over 95% by combining runtime context with threat intelligence, helping you to focus on the alerts that genuinely impact your organization’s security – relevant, reachable, and exploitable vulnerabilities

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{Flexible hosting options}

Hosted by ARMO

Hosted by ARMO

We’ll host your ARMO Platform instance and retain your data (SOC 2 compliant), according to the plan you are on
In your cloud

In your cloud

Install ARMO Platform as a private tenant on your cloud provider account and host your data yourself


Install ARMO Platform on your on-prem machines

{Enterprise-grade security for DevOps}

01DevSecOps dashboard single-pane-of-glass

02Multi-user and Multi-tenancy ready

03Premium support packages

04Single-sign-on capabilities for Authentication & Security

05Enterprise 3rd party integrations and plugins

06Multiple data retention options available 

Why DevOps love ARMO Platform?


Simple to implement, simple to use, 5 mins to get value, lean resource consumption

Proaction & Automation

Drive action, not a bunch of dashboards Hardening co-pilot Smart remediation


Using relevancy & priortization engines to reduce the security burden FInd issues early, before the production "drama"

CI/CD Integration

Fit into existing devops tools and processes Embedded into CI/CD gates Get the insights without leaving your stack

Open source

Open Source-based (Kubescape) and transparent Trusted by over 100K DevOps engineers Transparent roadmap influenced by the community (CNCF project)
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