Security use case

Controlling Kubernetes access with RBAC

Get in front of over-privilege by visualizing your current RBAC configuration status


What is RBAC?

Role Based Access Control (RBAC) determines whether a certain subject (e.g. a user, a group or a service account) is allowed to perform a certain action on a given resource.

The challenges of using RBAC

It can be challenging to keep RBAC up-to-date and complete especially when trying to avoid and mitigate excess permissions. RBAC must be continuously checked and tweaked through runtime in order to prevent permissions drift and ensure least privilege access.

Akinox has grown significantly in the last couple of years, both in terms of products and in terms of engineering staff. Having a solution that helps us monitor the RBAC side of things is very valuable for us. Otherwise, in quickly growing projects, it is easy to lose track of what’s going on.

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Mathy Scott Information Security, Akinox

The solution

ARMO Platform provides an assessment tool for RBAC configuration during posture scanning. It also provides a visualization on current RBAC configuration status and provides advanced built-in query functions during runtime.

  • Queries (built-in) – Useful queries, some of them mapping to security controls
  • Who can? (ad-hoc) – For unique needs of a specific organization
  • Investigation – A graphic view that allows you to drill down for additional insight

Benefits of ARMO Platform's RBAC visualizer

  • RBAC Visualizer provides a detailed and comprehensive overview of the permissions granted to various actors and the actions (verbs) they can perform on different resources. By using this tool, you can easily visualize the permissions and roles assigned to each user, group or application and understand how they relate to one another.


    By leveraging the insights gleaned with RBAC Visualizer, you can easily identify areas where adjustments or modifications are needed. This enables you to streamline your RBAC management processes and ensure that your resources are protected from unauthorized access or misuse. Ultimately, RBAC Visualizer empowers you to make informed decisions about access control and enhance the security and integrity of your system.

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