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“ARMO has been absolutely instrumental in helping us in Orange Business to ensure and maintain the security of our managed Kubernetes clusters.

As a solution provider managing a substantial infrastructure, it was crucial for Orange Business to be able to offer the full ARMO Platform in an on-prem configuration”

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Erlend Hoel Internal Security Officer
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“Building our base Helm chart with ARMO helped us deliver infrastructure that is secure by default”
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Alexandre Lussier DevOps, Akinox Akinox
“ARMO Platform has helped us secure Kubernetes from day zero“
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Morten Hansen DevOps Engineer, Energi Danmark (EDBS) Energi danmark
“It is the perfect solution to assess potential Kubernetes security weaknesses.”
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Mirco Kater Information Security Officer. Gitpod Gitpod
“ARMO has been a game-changer for us, empowering us to navigate the complex landscape of cloud-native security with ease and confidence...ARMO has been instrumental in bolstering the security of our workloads, offering robust solutions tailored to our needs…ARMO's platform has significantly reduced scan noise and false positives. This not only alleviates pressure on our engineering team but also instills confidence in the integrity of our product.”
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Zois Pagoulatos Principal DevOps Engineer at KYOS Energy Consulting Kyos
“ARMO stood out to me immediately with its clean UI, intuitive UX, and seamless agent installation...Even in cases where we can't fix everything immediately, ARMO has given our team valuable insight into the impact (or lack thereof) of said vulnerabilities that we plan to tackle next.”
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Walker O'Brien DevOps/AppDev Engineer at PixoVR
r2 4stars
"ARMO is an excellent solution focusing on kubernetes security."
Abdurrahman A. Director of Professional Services Monofor
“ARMO provides an essential overview of our Kubernetes clusters, identifying key vulnerabilities with precision. Its targeted remediation strategies are both relevant and effective, making it a critical tool for our security posture.”
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Avi Zetser Entitle
r2 3stars
"Fast, on-point, actionable security advice for everything in your k8s clusters…ARMO does a great job fetching all known vulns in your k8s clusters and its workloads…It's VERY easy to set up and implement, just a helm chart and you're good."
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Christian P. Entrepreneur
r2 4stars
"A game-changer in Kubernetes security…ARMO's "CVE Relevancy" feature is a standout, allowing us to focus on the vulnerabilities that truly matter. In a world where security threats are ever-evolving, the eBPF-based prioritization ensures we're always a step ahead.”
Alan H.
r2 4stars
"Excellent for getting quick information about your cluster health…I would highly recommend ARMO to any organization looking to secure their cloud-native applications. With its comprehensive set of features and automation capabilities, it is an effective and efficient solution for maintaining security and compliance in the cloud.”
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Erik V. Software Engineer
r2 5stars
"The must have integration for your cluster for important topic: security… It's really simple to setup and on the other hand it has everything we need to understand almost everything in aspect of cluster security and get to know the vulnerabilities or misconfigurations”
Praboda A. Software Engineer
r2 4stars
"One stop security solution for Kubernetes…It is a practical and effective option for upholding security and compliance in the cloud due to its extensive feature set and automation possibilities.”
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Kartik B. Software Engineer
r2 4stars
"Best security compliance solution ever worked with."
Vishwajeet K.
r2 5stars
"ARMO - the new gold standard in Kubernetes security…ARMO's groundbreaking approach to Kubernetes security is a game-changer. Its unique microservices-based architecture effortlessly integrates with Kubernetes deployments, embedding security at the code level. This real-time threat detection and mitigation strategy is impressive, providing an unmatched level of visibility and control.”
Aviad R.
r2 4stars
“ARMO is an easy-to-use security and compliance tool every Kubernetes team should have."
Ryan A.
r2 5stars
"Great way to get a full picture of all your cluster security status…Very easy to use, the dashboard is well designed and very simple to navigate…ARMO helps focus your effort on finding the most critical vulnerabilities that require your attention…”
Mor H. VP R&D

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