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CNCF accepts Kubescape as its first security and compliance scanner project

CNCF accepts Kubescape as its first security and compliance scanner project

Jan 11, 2023

Craig Box
VP Open-Source & Community

Kubescape, an end-to-end open-source Kubernetes security platform, embarks on a new journey. Kubescape, created by ARMO, will fully migrate to the CNCF. This coincides with the launch of ARMO Platform, a hosted, managed security solution powered by Kubescape.

ARMO is a company that specializes in Kubernetes security and is dedicated to the principles of open source. We are excited to announce that Kubescape has been accepted by the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) as a sandbox project. As part of our commitment to open governance and community, we will be transferring stewardship of the Kubescape brand to the vendor-neutral foundation.  ARMO will continue to lead the development of Kubescape as part of the company’s core mission: to make Kubernetes security a simple and trustworthy DevOps-first experience. 

As the first and only security & compliance scanner accepted by the CNCF, Kubescape is uniquely positioned to integrate with other CNCF projects, and build a wide contributor community. The Kubescape maintainers strive to reach even more users and help them secure their Kubernetes clusters and CI/CD pipelines. We’re 100% focused on Kubernetes Security Posture Management (KSPM) – a bet that we know will pay off as Kubernetes continues to become the operating system of the cloud.

ARMO also announced the formal launch of ARMO Platform, the enterprise Kubernetes security solution powered by Kubescape. The product provides companies with a ready-made security platform for Kubernetes, hosted as SaaS or on-premises, with full dashboards, RBAC visualization, enterprise-grade support, and more. ARMO Platform already has more than 6,000 users and continues to experience rapid growth. 

While this might seem like a fork-in-the-road moment for ARMO, we see this as more of an opportunity to accelerate all things KSPM. The synergy between Kubescape and ARMO Platform is sure to benefit open-source Kubernetes security, for users of either product, and push it to the next level. We’re looking forward to making it happen.

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Kubescape has an active user and developer community which will be moving to a new home at the CNCF Slack. If you’re interested in learning about Kubescape or contributing to the project, we encourage you to join the CNCF Slack and meet us in #kubescape or #kubescape-dev. Keep an eye out for project webinars, new contributor guides, mentoring programs and more over the next few months.