Your Kubernetes security use case

Your Kubernetes security usage is as unique as you. Kinda. Sure we’d all like to think we are unique snowflakes, but when it comes to K8s security you can probably learn from the experience of other snowflakes. So here it is ❄️🐼

Prioritizing Kubernetes vulnerabilities

Achieve the highest impact on your security posture in the shortest time by focusing on the CVEs that count with eBPF-based relevancy solution

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Controlling Kubernetes access with RBAC

Get in front of over-privilege by visualizing your current RBAC configuration status

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Automatic Kubernetes Hardening

Deliver faster by eliminating misconfigurations and vulnerabilities from Kubernetes clusters

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Securing CI/CD pipelines

Save time by automating security and compliance for complex DevOps workflows

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Automatic Kubernetes Compliance

Get through your Kubernetes compliance audit with flying colors by using accepted frameworks

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