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Code repository scanning & Container image registry scanning with Kubescape

Code repository scanning & Container image registry scanning with Kubescape

Aug 20, 2022

Jonathan Kaftzan
VP Marketing & Business Development

New exciting Kubescape features have recently landed – Code repository scanning & Container image registry scanning!

By enhancing Kubescape’s security posture capabilities, you will be able to embed security even earlier in the SDLC (Software Development Lifecycle) and in a broader range of places in your CI/CD pipeline.

Code repository scanning

Kubescape can scan manifest files (YAML files and helm charts) directly from Github and Gitlab at the early stages of the SDLC, even with no clusters in place yet, and see the results on Kubescape cloud UI.

You can see history, trends, and drifts, set exclusions, and see exactly where and why the control has failed and how to fix it (assisted remediation).

Code repository scanning

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Container image registry scanning

With the new container image registry scanning, you can scan images directly from their registries (e.g. ECR, GCR,, and more) before they are running or planned to run in the cluster.

Now you can detect vulnerabilities earlier in the development process or in 3rd party registries and prevent vulnerabilities from reaching deployments and production environments.

Container image registry scanning
Container image registry scanning

Unlike other products that scan one time only during the CI/CD pipeline, Kubescape continuously scans for new vulnerabilities that may arise after the image was created or cluster has been deployed (Using Kubescape in-cluster namespace)

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