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Kubescape now integrates with Prometheus and Lens

Kubescape now integrates with Prometheus and Lens

Jun 1, 2022

Jonathan Kaftzan
VP Marketing & Business Development

Integrating Kubescape with 3rd party projects and DevOps tools is a strategic mission for us to enable you to extract more value out of Kubescape throughout the CI/CD pipeline, SDLC, and monitoring phases.

We are happy to announce two significant integrations of Kubescape to leading Kubernetes open-source CI/CD tools.


Prometheus is an open-source monitoring solution. It uses Kubernetes APIs to read all the available metrics from Nodes, Pods, Deployments, etc

With the Kubescape integration, you can see and monitor the risk score of your cluster over time and of each of the frameworks/controls individually directly from Prometheus.

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Lens is an open-source IDE for Kubernetes. Lens simplifies working with Kubernetes by helping you manage and monitor clusters in real-time.

Kubescape is officially integrated into Lens as an extension.  Now, with Kubescape extension, it is easier to scan your K8s clusters, know the risk level of each resource, and how to fix it at any given time right from Lens.

To learn more:

Actionable, contextual, end-to-end
{Kubernetes-native security}

From code to cluster, helm to node, we’ve got your Kubernetes covered:

Cut the CVE noise by significantly reducing CVE-related work by over 90%

Automatic Kubernetes compliance for CIS, NSA, Mitre, SOC2, PCI, and more

Manage Kubernetes role-based-access control (RBAC) visually


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