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Kubescape one year anniversary

Kubescape one year anniversary

Sep 6, 2022

Jonathan Kaftzan
VP Marketing & Business Development

Exactly one year ago, ARMO released Kubescape to the market with a vision to make Kubernetes security open source, simple, and available for everyone.

We have been thrilled and validated to see the achievements of Kubescape over this past year alone, becoming one of the most popular Kubernetes security tools in the ecosystem, with:

  • ⭐ 6800+ stars on Github, trending TWICE this year
  • 🤯 80,000+ Kubescape downloads from GitHub
  •  🔎 16M+ container image scans
  • 🌩 5000+ users on Kubescape cloud

It’s inspiring to see how Kubescape has evolved from a simple tool to scan cluster configurations against popular and known standards like NSA-CISA hardening guidelines, to what it is today.  

From its lean and mean beginnings, a growing need for end-to-end Kubernetes security was emerging, and Kubscape has evolved today into a full stack K8s security platform that covers everything from risk analysis, security compliance, through RBAC management to CICD security, and more, uniquely designed by Kubernetes operators for K8s operators.

None of it could have been possible without our amazing community of Kubernetes users, contributors, and advocates.

Now… Say hello to our new Kubescape community member – Kubescape Panda – in this fun video that recaps everything we’re celebrating and thankful for in the last year:

A major open source milestone reached

With our one-year anniversary celebrations, we are happy to announce that we have achieved a few more important milestones, that you should definitely know about:

  • More OSS Goodness: On our journey to build the first-of-its-kind end-to-end open source K8s security platform, where open source is a deep-rooted value of ours, we have open sourced yet another important component – Kubescape operator. This operator can be installed in-cluster using Helm, and is responsible, for the continuous configurations and image vulnerability scanning, among other nifty capabilities you should check out. From today, users can access the code of all of the Kubescape components, review it, open issues, start discussions, and contribute to it. 
  • Open Everything: Kubescape now supports the Open API framework (Swagger)! In an effort to be more natively integrated into the open source ecosystem, and into developers’ existing workflows, Kubescape now fully supports the Open API framework through Swagger. This means Kubescape users can now leverage services through openly available APIs everywhere and anywhere. Users can call Kubescape functions using APIs – they can operate, view and consume wherever they are, whenever they need it without leaving their preferred tool, platform or environment. Some of the common functions available: create an account, run a Kubescape scan, get results, export results, and more. It is updated on a daily basis and you will always have the latest APIs available.
  • Now Independent: Kubescape is now an independent open source project (moved out of the ARMO organization), and has been officially donated to the community, to democratize contribution. Kubescape welcomes external maintainers to take a meaningful part in helping to lead and maintain this community-born and maintained project and will abide by the standards of open source governance processes and guidelines (e.g. community governance body, monthly community meetings, regular maintainers meetings, and whatever else the community would like to see.)

And more good things are coming [SPOILER], like the much anticipated CIS framework which will be available in Kubescape soon…

So there’s definitely plenty more to look forward to. 

Get involved, and help make the Kubernetes ecosystem more secure for all of us.

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