ARMO Product


Armo is the only solution that brings together workload and data protection under a single Zero Trust model

Armo is the only solution that automatically protects data in all stages without changes to existing workloads and architecture

ARMO is the only solution that automatically establishes inherently secure cloud-native environments

We have created

A DevOps-centered platform that turns any cloud-native environment into a self-protecting one


Establishes a strong identity for every workload from CI/CD to runtime


Assures that only such authenticated workloads can:

  • Run and execute code

  • Communicate with each other

  • Access data


Enables automatic remediation of hazardous situations by leveraging self-healing capabilities

Works Seamlessly Across Environments And With Existing CI/CD Pipelines

Establish a unique, immutable and deterministic Code DNA for every workload with ARMO’s patented technology – one that cannot be stolen, forged, copied, or manipulated.

Provide full traceability for changes to the production environment – since the ARMO DNA is automatically updated in the CI/CD – and protect against unsanctioned changes.

Malware Prevention & Memory Protection

Assures Only Authenticated Workloads Can Run And Execute Code

  • Stop the continuous chase after weaknesses and gaps by creating a resilient environment, impervious to software vulnerabilities

  • Ensure the immutability of your workloads: no one can change the original code, including injecting, adding or manipulating code – even in interpreted languages like Python

  • Benefit from the only solution to protect your workloads in-memory, preventing known and unknown exploits including fileless malware

  • Reduce false positives and detection delays through immediate and deterministic prevention technology rather than behavioral and statistical methods

Advanced Microsegmentation

Ensures Only Authenticated Workloads Can Communicate With Each Other

  • Avoid a proliferation of network policies that are error-prone, and reduce policy management overhead

  • Gain observability of the communication patterns between different workloads

  • Seamlessly create and enforce policies across environments including multi-cloud, cloud and on-premises

  • Avoid performance penalties and cost overhead through high-performing proxyless TLS with automatic private key in-use protection

Transparent Data Encryption

Ensures Only Authenticated Workloads Can Access Data

  • Remove the complexity from data encryption by enabling workloads to work on encrypted data with zero code changes and developer involvement

  • Protect your workloads’ secrets and cryptographic material – at rest, in transit and in use – without requiring specialized cryptographic skills

  • Benefit from privacy-by-design as data is encrypted at all stages and only opened by authorized and approved workloads

Works Seamlessly Across Environments And With Existing CI/CD Pipelines

Utilize ARMO seamlessly across environments as the solution is completely infrastructure- and platform-independent – and can be used across operating systems, coding languages, cloud providers, CI/CD pipelines, and orchestration solutions.

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