Kubernetes secrets protection

The Challenge

  • Kubernetes Secrets are designed for ease of use, not for security.
  • Passing secrets in files – the “recommended” method – is inherently unsafe.
  • Leaving the door open to malicious actors infiltrating code.

How ARMO Kubernetes Fabric can help

  • Automatically encrypt native Kubernetes secrets  , making them available only to the pod that requires them. 
  • The secret encryption key is protected at rest, transit and in-use in a way that is virtually unbreakable. 
  • Required no changes to the application or its package.
  • Protects the secret form creation to use – all the way through the CI/CD pipeline.

ARMO Kubernetes Fabric features

  1. In-memory protection and workload authentication.
  2. Secret’s protection.


Watch a demo

Watch to see how ARMO can make your K8s cluster zero-trust with zero hassle

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