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Craig Box joins ARMO as VP Open Source & Community

Craig Box joins ARMO as VP Open Source & Community

Oct 18, 2022

Jonathan Kaftzan
VP Marketing & Business Development

Former Google DevRel lead and co-host of the weekly Kubernetes podcast, Craig will lead ARMO’s open-source mission.

ARMO, the enterprise company for the open source Kubernetes security platform Kubescape, today announced that Craig Box had joined the company as VP Open Source & Community, Formerly Kubernetes and Istio Advocacy Lead at Google Cloud, Craig will join ARMO’s management team and will lead the company’s open source vision and programs including Kubescape, and manage all relationships with the developer and open source community. 

Craig joined Google in 2014 just as Kubernetes was about to be released, and has acted as a vital link between Google’s Kubernetes development team and the wider community of developers who used the software. Most recently, he was deeply involved in Istio, the leading open source service mesh, acting as an Istio steering committee member and driving Istio towards its recent acceptance as a CNCF incubation project. Craig is also the founder of the popular Kubernetes Podcast from Google, the largest and most popular podcast about Kubernetes and a major source for relevant news and updates in the industry.

As VP of Open Source & Community, Craig will lead ARMO’s efforts in making Kubescape the first-of-its-kind end-to-end open-source Kubernetes security platform, driving ARMO’s broader open source vision and serving the community of developers and DevOps who need to secure their Kubernetes infrastructures. This includes continuing to build a community of maintainers and contributors and ensuring that Kubescape integrates well with other popular open-source tools. He will also represent ARMO at different forums, software foundations, conferences, and meetups.

“I started working on Kubernetes when it was a skunkworks project, and it’s been great to have been part of making it into the cloud-native operating system it is today,” said Craig. “The next step is helping to make it better and more secure by looking further up the stack. Kubernetes makes it easier to run anything anywhere, with all the security concerns that brings.  After seeing the runtime security concerns that led major companies to adopt Istio, I believe that a holistic approach needs to be taken to keeping a Kubernetes environment safe. ARMO’s mission to build a true, full-featured, comprehensive open-source security platform for Kubernetes appealed to me as both a noble endeavour and an interesting challenge to take on”. 

Shauli Rozen, CEO & Co-Founder of ARMO, said “I’m proud that Craig, a true champion of both open source and Kubernetes, is joining us at ARMO. This appointment is an important milestone on our journey to making Kubernetes security fully open source. Craig’s experience and passion will be invaluable as we prepare to donate Kubescape to the developers, contributors and the wider community.” 


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