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Introducing Compliance Score: simplifying compliance assessment

Introducing Compliance Score: simplifying compliance assessment

Jun 15, 2023

Amit Ofry
Product Manager

In today’s digital landscape, compliance with industry frameworks is vital for businesses, Kubernetes environments are no exception. That being said, Risk Score is an illusive term. It is inconsistent between scanners and is ultimately hard to explain to stakeholders. Introducing a meaningful Compliance Score,  now available on ARMO Platform. 

The new Compliance Score offers a user-friendly method to assess compliance levels. It measures control-specific compliance and overall framework compliance. The use of a percentage metric, together with the different levels of detail, provides valuable insights that help organizations improve their compliance efforts.

Let’s explore how Compliance Score works and the benefits it brings to enhancing compliance within Kubernetes deployments.

Control Compliance Score: a detailed assessment

The Control Compliance Score evaluates compliance with individual security controls. It calculates how well resources meet the requirements of each control. This enables organizations to focus their efforts on improving control-specific compliance.

Kubernetes Compliance Score

Framework Compliance Score: a holistic view

The Framework Compliance Score provides an overall assessment of compliance with a specific framework. It’s calculated by averaging the Control Compliance Scores of all controls within the framework. It provides a single, easy-to-understand metric that represents the organization’s compliance status.

Framework Compliance Score

The Compliance Score simplifies compliance assessment and empowers organizations to take targeted actions for improvement. By understanding control-specific compliance and framework-level performance, businesses can prioritize efforts, address vulnerabilities, and enhance their overall compliance posture. 

Key takeaways

ARMO Platform supports the most widely used compliance frameworks: CIS, MITRE ATT&CK and NSA CISA. Folded into these frameworks, you can find the largest library of security controls on the market today (228 controls at the time of writing). Adding a meaningful Compliance Score to the mix provides you with the Kubernetes security tool that helps you strengthen the compliance and security for your organization.

Try ARMO Platform today and take the guesswork out of risk scoring with Compliance Score!

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