Inspect your Kubernetes RBAC like never before

Tame RBAC sprawl with visualization: explore roles, resources and role bindings with pre-defined or custom queries.

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RBAC Visualizer

Visual output of all roles, resources, and role bindings

Tighter Access

Easily identify actors with overly permissive privileges

Easy to Use

Built-in queries of all the resources you need to be aware of

Meet the Ultimate Open-Source
Kubernetes Security Platform

Investigate RBAC
with built-in queries

The ARMO Platform provides an assessment tool for RBAC configuration during posture scanning. It also provides a visualization on current RBAC configuration status and has advanced built-in query functions during runtime.

  • Queries (built in)
  • Who can? (ad hoc)
  • Investigation (by subject, role, resource, API group, etc.)
  • Group by Verbs
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Kubernetes RBAC
made easy

Get a fine grained view of which actors can do what (verbs) on your various resources with the RBAC Visualizer. Additionally, you can easily move back and forth between the RBAC view and the control view, creating better context for your findings. Role based access control management has ever been this easy.

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Security & Compliance?
We've got you covered

Detection and quick remediation of misconfigurations and drifts;

Scan all your Kubernetes and IaC components in one place;

Widest range of industry-leading frameworks (CIS, NSA, MITRE, etc.) available in one platform, including hundreds of K8s-specific controls;

Get instant Kubernetes risk score, see history of past scans and learn risk trends overtime;

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Run within
your CI/CD

Embrace “shift-left” and embed security from the moment you write your first YAML line all the way to production;

Simple integration to your favorite CI/CD tools including Jenkins, CircleCI, GitLab, GitHub workflows, GitHub actions, Visual Studio, Prometheus, Lens, Slack, and more;

Easy to use CLI interface and flexible output formats;

API based with read-only privileges;

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Learn everything you need to know about Kubescape in this short video

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ARMO’s Kubernetes Security Solutions from Dev To Production

Check early in the CI/CD.
Continuous Kubernetes Posture Control
Runtime Zero-trust
Check early in the CI/CD.

Scan Kubernetes clusters, YAML files and HELM charts at early stages of the CI/CD pipeline;

Integrated seamlessly with common DevOps tools such as Jenkins, CircleCI, Github actions, Gitlab etc.;

Open Source. Free Forever.
Continuous Kubernetes Posture Control

Continuous monitoring of clusters’ posture;

Container software vulnerability scanning and remediation;

RBAC visualization and validation;


Runtime Zero-trust

Deep runtime observability

In-memory process protection

Secret protection

Zero Trust network protection

Service Mesh interoperability

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Integrate well with your DevOps Tools.