Inspect your Kubernetes RBAC like never before

Visualize RBAC roles, resources and role bindings based on pre-defined or custom queries.

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RBAC Visualizer

Visual output of all roles, resources, and role bindings

Tighter Access

Easily identify actors with overly permissive privileges

Easy to Use

Built-in queries of all the resources you need to be aware of

Meet the Ultimate Open-Source
Kubernetes Security Platform

Kubernetes RBAC
made easy()

Easy-to-use and easy-to-understand, visual RBAC configuration graph;

Built-in queries to reveal what you need to be aware of in your configuration;

Find who has access to Kubernetes components using NLP-like query structure;

Customized role-based-access investigation tool;

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and compliance()

Detection and quick remediation of misconfigurations and drifts;

Scan all your Kubernetes and IaC components in one place;

Widest range of industry-leading frameworks (CIS, NSA, MITRE, etc.) available in one platform, including hundreds of K8s-specific controls;

Get instant Kubernetes risk score, see history of past scans and learn risk trends overtime;


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Run within
your CI/CD()

Embrace “shift-left” and embed security from the moment you write your first YAML line all the way to production;

Simple integration to your favorite CI/CD tools including Jenkins, CircleCI, GitLab, GitHub workflows, GitHub actions, Visual Studio, Prometheus, Lens, Slack, and more;

Easy to use CLI interface and flexible output formats;

API based with read-only privileges;

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Learn everything you need to know about Kubescape in this short video

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ARMO’s Kubernetes Security Solutions from Dev To Production

Check early in the CI/CD.
Continuous Kubernetes Posture Control
Runtime Zero-trust
Check early in the CI/CD.

Scan Kubernetes clusters, YAML files and HELM charts at early stages of the CI/CD pipeline;

Integrated seamlessly with common DevOps tools such as Jenkins, CircleCI, Github actions, Gitlab etc.;

Open Source. Free Forever.
Continuous Kubernetes Posture Control

Continuous monitoring of clusters’ posture;

Container software vulnerability scanning and remediation;

RBAC visualization and validation;


Runtime Zero-trust

Deep runtime observability

In-memory process protection

Secret protection

Zero Trust network protection

Service Mesh interoperability

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Integrate well with your DevOps Tools.