ARMO vs Aqua

ARMO is the world’s only dedicated end-to-end Kubernetes-native security platform. As such, it is uniquely focused on providing your security and DevOps teams with noise-free, contextual, and actionable security insights for your Kubernetes environments and cloud-native workloads.

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  • An interactive tool to visualize RBAC
  • Pre-built queries to gain insights into your RBAC
  • Advanced investigation tool to identify RBAC over-privileged services and entities, identify drift, and enable least privilege.
  • No RBAC visualization
  • Based only on best practices
  • No investigation capabilities
  • Full support of all leading industry benchmarks and guidelines dedicated to Kubernetes compliance – CIS, SOC2, Mitre Att&ck, NSA-CISA, PCI, and more.
  • Fully automated from scan through detection, and remediation to opening tickets and pull requests (PRs).
  • Missing key Kubernetes-specific security frameworks
  • Not automated, and requires additional manual work
Kubernetes  Security Posture
  • Over 250 Kubernetes-specific security controls are available
  • Support for custom frameworks
  • Fully configurable controls are available
  • dedicated end-to-end Kubernetes-native security platform
  • limited number of controls, thus limited coverage
  • Not Kubernetes focused
Risk based Vulnerability Management and Prioritization
  • Excels in Kubernetes vulnerability management, by significantly reducing the noise through automatically filtering out false positives based on severity, exploitability, and reachability metrics.
  • Combing runtime and workload context with threat intelligence metrics (EPSS, CISA KEV) to provide a holistic multi-dimensional view – workload, CVE, Image, Layers
  • Focuses on image scanning for containerized applications.
  • Limited enrichment of runtime workload context with threat intelligence.
Smart hardening
  • Fix security issues without breaking applications. Thanks to suggested contextual remediations based on runtime application behavior.
  • Risk of breaking applications. That’s because remediation is based on best practices and general guidelines without runtime context.
Runtime Agent 
  • Lightweight agent, fully open source, and a CNCF-approved project.
  • ARMO agent is minimally intrusive, requiring  less resources and configuration complexity to identify attacks on Kubernetes environments in real-time
  • Highly intrusive agent, with high resource consumption.
  • Complex to manage and install.
Network Policies
  • One-click recommendations for optimal network policies tailored to the specific needs of the running applications, based on runtime behavior captured in eBPF data streams.
  • N/A
Seccomp Profiles
  • Simplifies seccomp profile creation by auto-generating them based on application behavior and maintenance, markedly hardening clusters at the kernel level.
  • N/A

ARMO Platform highlights

Kubernetes attack paths

Block the attack paths into your Kubernetes clusters by remediating the critical security issues.

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Automatic Kubernetes Compliance

Over 90% of the necessary compliance checks are automated, making it easy to meet compliance requirements (CIS, NSA, Mitre, SOC2, PCI, and more), without overwhelming your DevOps and security teams

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Application-centric network policies

Analyze network traffic and auto-generate precise and relevant policies using the advantage of eBPF, saving significant time and increasing reliability.

Context-based Secomp profiles

Understand which actions your containerized applications perform on the host virtual machine and automatically generate a seccomp profile and policy

Kubernetes RBAC insights

Quickly inspect your Kubernetes Role-Based-Access-Control with a handy visualizer and built-in queries. Identify over-privileged roles and get alerts on drifts in your cluster roles privileges.

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Predictive Vulnerabilities prioritization

Significantly reduce CVE-related noise by over 95% by combining runtime context with threat intelligence, helping you to focus on the alerts that genuinely impact your organization’s security – relevant, reachable, and exploitable vulnerabilities

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