Kubernetes pre-production security readiness

The Challenge

misconfigurations too often go unnoticed and make their way to production. And when they do, the damage of misconfiguration-generated incidents is great, with 55% of organizations reporting that they were forced to delay the deployment of their K8s applications as a result. 

Moreover, a great investigation overhead is incurred, and time-intensive reconfiguration efforts are required.

The issue of misconfigurations is so acute, that Gartner is even predicting that by 2025, 99% of cloud security failures will be “the customer’s fault,” i.e., due to user misconfigurations.

How ARMO Kubernetes Fabric can help

  • Gain deep visibility into the traffic in and communication between the different containers, microservices, and pods in the pre-production environment.
  • Understand which data is being accessed and used .
  • Detects, prioritizes, and contextualizes posture issues by testing the posture against a running development or staging cluster, and deprioritizing vulnerabilities that are not running.
  • Streamlines posture fix with alerts regarding potential configuration-generated threats, sent to developers directly, and through apps such as Slack, GitHub, and CI/CD tools.
  • Highlights microservices & configuration changes that will result in a broken production environment or a security violation, and leads developers directly to the root cause of a potential issue that can be averted.

ARMO Kubernetes Fabric features

  1. Configuration Management.
  2. Vulnerability management.
  3. Compliance benchmarks.
  4. Deep Observability.


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