Kubernetes Zero Trust

The Challenge

Applying Zero-Trust security to Kubernetes cluster is complex. it requires numerous east-west policies, an intimate understanding of the microservices architecture is needed, resulting in significant operational and performance overhead.

How ARMO Kubernetes Fabric can help

  • Making sure that ONLY authenticated and authorized microservices can:
  1. Run and execute code .
  2. Communicate between each other and.
  3. Access sensitive data.
  • Eliminates complex network policies configurations.
  • Protecting against the most advanced threats such as zero-day APTs and fileless malware.  
  • optimized Architecture for performance with no sidecars or daemon sets.

ARMO Kubernetes Fabric features

  1. Deep Observability.
  2. In-memory protection and workload authentication.
  3. Network Policies.
  4. Execution Policies.


Watch a demo

Watch to see how ARMO can make your K8s cluster zero-trust with zero hassle

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